Thursday, August 21, 2014

Customized Cell Phone Covers: Samsung Galaxy

At Stitch It Designs we can custom build quality cell phone covers. Our covers come in full color, are scratch and abrasion resistant, UV resistant, anti-microbial, and are available for the following phones:

iPhone 5
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4

Here is what we offer for the Samsung Galaxy, and how to select your custom cover.

Step 1. Select your case from the following options:

*The Brookley-Rubber liner case that provides a high level of protection.
*The Malaga Bi-fold-Leatherette with credit card holder and magnetic leather latch.
*The Malaga Tri-Fold- Leatherette tri-fold version of the Malaga bi-fold
*The Flex-Lightweight protection with interchangeable insert
*The Jazz-Provides lightweight protection from wear and tear
*The Dauphin-A lightweight case with a soft rubber, easy grip edge

Step 2. Select Your Image

Choose your image to be displayed on your custom cell phone case

Step 3. Insert Your Cell Phone Into Your New Custom Case!

We offer a wide variety of case styles to choose from, such as rubber cases, plastic cases, and notebook style cases. These cases also come in variety of colors.

Please contact us for more information or if you are looking for a particular style case or to order: Contact with your design option, phone style, and case option.

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