Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sublimation: Do or Dye

The opportunity to customize products has taken off like never before. A consumer can now personalize everything from pet tags to apparel. This ability allows for a buyer to have choices when it comes to what products are available for purchase. Stitch-It designs recognizes the power of customization and is now allowing customers the chance to design custom apparel using a process known as sublimation. This is a heat transfer process that makes it possible to move a digitally created image onto an object. In order to explain this technique, we will use a t-shirt as an example.

How does it work?

Step One: First a digitally created image (such as a photo or logo) is sent to a printer. The graphic is then printed on high release transfer paper using specialty inks. It is printed as a mirrored image so it does not appear backwards.
  • Sublimation ink is heat activated so a printer must use vibration to release ink from printer heads.
  • Polyester fabrics or poly-coated substances work best.
  • Graphics show up best on white substances; printing on black or dark colored garments will not work.

Step Two: After the image or graphic is printed, the printer will cut the paper and release the transfer. The transfer should then be placed with the ink directly on the garment. Heat resistant tape should be applied to prevent the transfer from moving.

Step Three: The garment should be placed on the heat press. The heat from the press causes the ink to be transferred to the garment.

Step Four: When the garment is done being pressed the tape and transfer paper can be removed. The
product is now complete!

Why Order a Product?

The process of sublimation allows one to create a personalized, quality, and professional product.
Stitch-It Designs offers a variety of products to customize. Some include iPad cases, pet tags, pillow cases, lanyards, cell phone covers, luggage tags, mouse pads, and keychains. To find out what other products can be ordered and to find out more about the process of sublimation, visit

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Get your Christmas Gifts at Stitch-It Designs!

As the weather gets cooler, and anticipation for the holidays set in, you may want to think of ways to get ahead! Stores are starting to fill with Christmas decorations and toys, people are starting to buy gifts for their friends and families, but what about you? Start out the holiday season right and get your gifts at Stitch-­It Designs! No more worrying about who or what to get, we have something that works for all!

Do Grandpa and Grandma love repping the grand kids school or sports team? Get a sweatshirt that they feel proud to wear! Are you finding yourself looking for stocking stuffers? Don't stress- we make ornaments! Personalize them to make the gift even more memorable. With the cold weather approaching you'll want something to keep you warm! Stitch-­It Designs offers fun and colorful blankets, even with personalization. That's not it! People of all ages love bags! Backpacks, laptop bags, or just a bag to throw over your shoulder, you name it we've got it! Do you buy gifts for your pets? Make a personal tag for you friendly animals!

Whether for a gift or personal interest, our team of professionals make sure that you are satisfied with your product. Stitch-­It Designs prides itself in customer service and making a quality product that is affordable for you! Check out our website to read more about our accommodations and products. It's time to get in the holiday spirit!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Customized Cell Phone Covers: Samsung Galaxy

At Stitch It Designs we can custom build quality cell phone covers. Our covers come in full color, are scratch and abrasion resistant, UV resistant, anti-microbial, and are available for the following phones:

iPhone 5
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4

Here is what we offer for the Samsung Galaxy, and how to select your custom cover.

Step 1. Select your case from the following options:

*The Brookley-Rubber liner case that provides a high level of protection.
*The Malaga Bi-fold-Leatherette with credit card holder and magnetic leather latch.
*The Malaga Tri-Fold- Leatherette tri-fold version of the Malaga bi-fold
*The Flex-Lightweight protection with interchangeable insert
*The Jazz-Provides lightweight protection from wear and tear
*The Dauphin-A lightweight case with a soft rubber, easy grip edge

Step 2. Select Your Image

Choose your image to be displayed on your custom cell phone case

Step 3. Insert Your Cell Phone Into Your New Custom Case!

We offer a wide variety of case styles to choose from, such as rubber cases, plastic cases, and notebook style cases. These cases also come in variety of colors.

Please contact us for more information or if you are looking for a particular style case or to order: Contact with your design option, phone style, and case option.